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Always in time, with an experimental mix of metal, jazz and ambient.

In Hurryland, composer and drummer Harry Lund blends the heaviness of metal, the improvisation of jazz and the soundscapes of ambience in a musical and progressive way, with one simple goal: To have you experience that feeling you only get when you listen to your favorite song. By drawing inspiration from the melodies of Plini, the rhythms of Animals as leaders and the Djazzy sound of Tigran Hamasyan he manages to create his own unique style for Hurryland. Together with his musically gifted band members, a group of friends from all over Europe that he met during his studies at the Conservatory of Utrecht, he has not only created some incredible songs but also an immersive and crowd-binding liveset which leads the audience into Hurryland. 

Harry Lund, the ambitious Swedish Hurryland frontman started playing drums at the age of eleven and started composing rock songs for his first band as early as the age of fourteen. Always striving to find unexplored terrain in the world of music led him to start Hurryland at the age of eighteen, after having played and composed with multiple bands across many genres through his teens. After the debut EP "Inside Hurryland '' he moved to The Netherlands to study and create music at HKU Conservatory, where he with a few other incredible musicians developed the energetic live set of Hurryland. After a successful release of the latest single "Tigers are Also Cats" in December 2023, the band is now working on their second EP. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to be part of the process!